Classic Sega Genesis Games Aladdin

Movie games often do not make for good video games but during the 90’s Disney did things right with some great movie games. One of the most popular of these movie games was Aladdin based on the popular animated movie Disney released at the same time. A big part of the popularity of the Aladdin game for the Genesis was that the movie had done so well at the box office. Once players actually got there hands on the game though they learned that it was more then just a game featuring there favorite blue genie.
As a standalone game Aladdin would have done quiet well. It is similar in style to Prince of Persia, or Mario. It is also kid friendly and offered great graphics with a fun animated fill. The game was easy to get through the first few levels for those who were not good at games but got harder as the levels increased offering a challenge for more experienced gamers. It was a well-balanced game with good controls. All in all as a game not tied to a franchise or movie it was a good game.

Some of the things that made Aladdin so memorable were the little touches that they put in throughout the game. One of the first little touches is the Mickey ears hanging on a clothesline in the second level which if you stood directly under would give you a extra life. Later that level you can find Goofy’s face on some pillars. In the dungeon level you can find more Disney nods. It is easy to find Mickey ears in the dungeon level but also in the dungeon is Sebastian hanging in chains on a wall, and the dog from Pirates of the Caribbean holding a key though the dog looks more like a Great Dane then the mutt from the ride and movie.

Aladdin featured many mini-games that gave you plenty of chances to get extra lives, or other helpful items. The mini-games were fun on their own. Almost everyone’s favorite level is the magic carpet ride stage. The only drawback to flying is it is a fast and hard therefore hard level.

If you loved the movie, TV or recall playing this game as a child you should go back to it now and give it a try you will probably find that it is not just a kids game but a game that is still enjoyable to this day.

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